Females’ favorite dramas on TV channels

Maqbool Mirza

Females’ favorite dramas on TV channels

If you have the experience of shopping along with females , either real or window shopping , you might have an opinion about the hardships they face in choosing the object to buy. Maybe the same hardship is faced by the shopping companion as well. However, after such hardship and a comprehensive analysis of market, we may say that women choose the right object, in most of the cases.
This would be very hard to evaluate which subject of dramas is most popular in Pakistan and majority of females like to watch dramas of same genre or subject matter.

If you meet a TV drama producer, ask him about his selection of script to start a project. The subject that he would say would be more feasible financially and will get him maximum ratings and popularity, would be related to family issues. Some very famous family issues are related to marriages, joint family systems, financial issues faced by single individual and he has to support a

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