Human Migration: A detailed Overview

Human Migration: A detailed Overview If you have a passion for travelling across cities, countries and continents, you will have no doubt found yourself comparing these different locations by their various geographies, cultures and customs, but all according to your own personal understanding and experiences of the world and your

The destiny writers .

They were sitting outside an old temple with lots of papers and pens….they were writing the destinies….claiming themselves to be angels of God ….not the prophets but angels…everyone was aware of them. Staying all night in bars drinking and dancing .In the morning all of them along with flocks of

All the leaves are falling down

All the leaves are falling down … The echoes of nightingale crossing the lonely forest and spreading around with the colder winds… The fairies of paradise are wearing new feathers.. I can feel I can sing the forgotten songs of spring again.. I can recall the sounds of last rain..

Creative quotes

One who is created is born to create.    If you think you are not creative, you are not aware of it.    The creation is primary purpose of human existence.    Those who creates, builds the history and human race.    Creativity is process of adding evolution to human

The Desire of love

Turn me into matter …which can be merged into your chemical composition and make me integral part of yourself….i want to be no body…..but i want to be you…..lost in you, merged in you, mixed in you…..seen in you….breath in you…..sleep inside you….if you are a mountain of silver I

Aura of Being

Aura of being It’s really most elaborated experience of my life, most extensive, deeper to understand myself and my humble strive to understand the life as such, the circumstances, the thoughts of others, the events, the happenings, the selfishness of my very own self. The movement of days and nights,

why life is beautiful.

Why Life is beautiful Why life is beautiful ? It is beautiful because of defined and undefined patterns, determined and undetermined paths, free will and binding to the values, morals of society, altogether it makes us human, and the thinking beings. It’s like jumping from a free-fall swing without knowing

Mind and the universe

Mind in the universe Besides the useless conventional, minor, minute and logic-less, clueless, endless trivial arguments of the events and happening of life, the depth of knowing, understanding, appreciating, apprehending the self and the life as such “in love” is remarkable. If someone is gettingto know the self through the

Guard of feelings …

Guard of feelings.. I can write to you with eyes closed and i can read the bible of your messages even I’m blind….I can hear your words and sounds even I’m deaf and i can feel your stare on me even my mind is dead….you are such a visionary of

Can you ever see

Can you ever see… I do not know, how will I express my pain in binding silence…how will I walk alone on the tracks walked with your hand in mine…how will I talk to people known through you…I wonder my eyes wont be able to see the surroundings felt through

language of gods

Language of Gods   Its a beautiful and painful contentment of love….the contradiction of moonlight and darkness is leaning across the wall and I’m blind but can only see the face of my beloved….can anyone find such paths of mystic mystery……all around your face is the glow and all beyond

River of tears

River of tears Nothing is the decades that I’ve lived but only the time spent with you in glee Moments you have given were precious than pearls of sea The life I have lived was the life so sweet I will never have that beauty, the pleasure so neat I

If I am already dead

Why have I got the knowledge of words when I am asked to remain silent …why I know the letters, the alphabets when I have been asked not to praise my beloved…why can I even speak when my voice will never be heard now…why can I even see when I

rising to universe….

Every moment is wearing shoes like mountains and passing over my chest… the soldiers marching on cotton fields… the barbarians entering in the wine yards…..all my wounds of soul have been opened….the thorns are looking at my blood……it’s their favorite. … ….when love makes you feel pleasure all seems like

Love is….

Love is…. Love is the snow white seems to have covered all the skies in my sight…… Love is like the garden of gods, flowers all around look like lords….. Love is like the scene of heaven, all singing birds and no raven…. Love is the live dream, shown through

In the eyes of Love …

I felt a door has opened and you have entered …. I was like an empty can and children kick it like a football in streets…. You pour life in my like we pour wine in empty glass Was like a lonely lamb in dessert without guardian Dead like rotten

Incomplete love….

Gloomy mornings and sad nights…. My thoughts and my desires of love… From my heart reached till your heart…. The burning rivers are stretched between… You are living in so many voices……. How my feeble heart beats shall reach you…. The intensity of my imagination for you…. Can ever reach

My trial in the pains of love….

My trial in the chains of love is not painful AS my hands and wrists are being watched by my beloved I m beginning to become accustomed to the chains and sight of my beloved So I can say now, love is the prison of heaven And heaven is the

Pearls of love…

I’m like a dancer in the circle of love….destined to dance with perseverance…the gods can see my shadow …moving in the skies….the moment it will stop moving….I will be thrown out of love circle… Did I ever show resistance to accept the pain of love…..I have my arms opened to

Dancing in the streets ….

Dancing in the streets … This is something,  I  know that it’s not me…’s your presence and those sounds of your love on my way….ringing in my  ears  since many years since I was born and I happened to be perfect  enough to welcome you …. I should say thanks

The universal conversation

The conversation I’m alive just because of your desire…because of your thoughts and your conversation……. one is conversation with you and one is conversation about you,…..a lover, if not talking to beloved, he is talking to himself about the beloved, the idea is to live within the circle of love….to

devotion in love..

My devotion to my beloved should be like an angel destined and programmed to stay around his love. consistent and constant like the order of the universe, remaining enlightened with your love…even ….it’s the day on one side of the globe and night at the other side… position should never

A leaf….

I want to be a leaf, even a green or dry one, fell from the tree, even newly born….and settled under a stone , with grass around and me…..unsafe, vulnerable….scared of wind…..and you came and you have picked me up…….and i don’t want to go anywhere now….

poetic prose

i want your fingers on my pulse, so i can breathe normally….   i feel like sailing , with the winds holding your hands…. i m like a swan of love….flying high in the mountains and my eyes can only see your light, the darkness, is invisible in your light….

The meanings of Life.

When we are discussing the life and are talking about the meanings of life, it is hard to conclude that life is meaningless. We are talking about the reasons to choose the people by the nature to rule the other human beings and those reasons remained unknown and unexplored to

Time before the time.

Lets swim and the waters are those, no one can witness and the time was never born and we swam still we were not there.  If we go into the time when we were not created in the wombs of our mothers and the time when our mothers were not created

How to understand Time ?

How to understand the Time? We are standing at the river bank, watching the flow of water and counting the moments.   The moments are on the move and the moment in seconds, minutes and hours. The simultaneous flow of water along with the flow of time, tells us the nature

Theory of Evolution

Theory of evolution is difficult to explain and the available sources to explore the truth of this hypothesis are based on fossils records and somehow on archaeology and other geological sciences. To explore the connection of other stars and far away galaxies with the earth and with the life on

How to know the universe through ideas?

We live in the world of definitions and meaning, our knowledge about physics, mathematics and other sciences depends upon our understanding about Formulas, equations and definitions of terminologies. If we want to talk about a star or a body and explore its properties, (scientific properties for that matter), we have

All we know about the Universe

The more we are getting to know about the universe, more it is telling us about the properties of light. If it is Newtonian physics, it was more about gravity but the landscape to understand the universe have been changed after the relativity theory of Einstein and light was again

Aliens are not enemies of the world

We want to make the earth a better place and a peaceful planet for our children. This is the most popular slogan of any conference related to the safety ,serinity and integrity of our home land . At the same time the human race is still living in the age

Migrant Crisis in Europe

People were travelling all across the globe through out the history , till they settled down at certain places occupying various geographical pieces of land and became native. At Present, there are two type of migrants , the people running from lands of wars and economic migrants. The Refugees from

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