Dreams and illusions

img-20160620-wa0001.jpgFor the first time, I have realized today that, where i was sitting waiting for some ship to rescue me was not even the seashore.  What I was watching every day as tides rising up and down with the movement of my pulse was not even the ocean but an illusion of my mind. In the morning , I was welcoming the singing of birds and I was feeling the dew under my feet walking on the grass , ringing of the bells in my ears and sunlight filtered through the leaves , entering my windows waking me up on velvet sheets .Today I saw there were no birds no trees , no sounds of the water fall and there was no sun either , it was all dark , that was all my imagination.

I used to get up under the supervisions of my star and used to eat my first meal of the day under the light and guidance of radiant eyes, a gaze of love was commanding my moments and signals of passion were navigating my paths for me and I see now, the star was not for me, the gaze was my thought and the guidance was my drunken heart.

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