Maqbool Mirza

Metaphysics, Happiness and Philosophy

Metaphysics, Happiness and Philosophy The metaphysics is absurd or human mind is not much enlightened as yet. In either of the case, the question of first or final or last cause is still the major question of human curiosity .one may say it’s the question of philosophy or it was.

Apparently the philosophers have shifted their focus from God to the being and they are more concerned about the existence rather than the designer in the late 19th century. Happiness seems to be the major quest and happiness for all is a fashionable jargon.
Those who did not bother to invent or discover the methods of happiness for the mankind are considered pessimists.
I assume those who did not bother to  focus their search for ultimate happiness of mankind were actually very happy people and those who were dying to  decode the secrets of happiness for us ,  were in fact sadist and their personal lives were actually full of traumas and miseries.
I actually have started thinking about the grand shift of philosophers

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