Myth behind the success

Maqbool Mirza

Myth behind the successful TV Dramas in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the entertainment industry is technically not very young. The music of Pakistan along with the rich feature film industry at the time of partition has given strong foothold to the entertainment industry in Pakistan .At that time as many were migrating from their native cities, some precious talent destined them in this territory and has produced some pearls for the entertainment industry.

The music was very rich and it may be considered as the classical period of music in Pakistan .Coming back to Television, Pakistan TV, that is known as PTVĀ  have started it transmission in early 60s and it is still consideredĀ  as nursery for Pakistani Drama and television programming .

Some renowned and highly viewed software for PTV are still worth watching, even though some are more then 40 to 50 years old .We have no

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