Maqbool Mirza

O’ Dervish…

O’ dervish, wake up and dance at dawn! Dance at the eve and in the midnight  O’ dervish Sing the songs of love at every door and in every jungle… Let the world see you dancing O’ dervish, put on the musical bangles of love in your feet… and dance in circles on the tunes […]

Maqbool Mirza

Translation of a poem : Let’s write a story of us

Lets write a story of us…

You write about the back yard soil
I’ll write about the sunshine and monsoon
A lonely bird…. a deep blue ocean
A shortest moment of love.
Someone awakened in the dream land
Let’s write about the moon light beam
And about the abandoned beloved
The loneliness of the dusk…
 Some drunken lovers in the streets
 Let’s put all the idols of thoughts, in the lands of beauty
 Let’s make a portrait of fragrance
 Let’s touch the colors of early dawn…
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