Cross media promotion

The cross media promotion has been reformed with new dynamics and dimensions,  especially after the advent of electrifying, social and digital media.
Cross media is generally a term used for integrated media solutions.
Whenever, a campaign is launched on multiple media for blanket coverage, i.e., in order to ensure the consumer couldn’t skip the message of the advertiser .in such cases the consumer get caught at one or the other medium.
Consumer, for that matter is not clever enough to hide from the modern communication tools. The modern world has made it easier for the advertiser to get hold of it prospective consumer at some place or at some point of time.
Media, as it was conventionally divided into social ATL and BTL, have now got new categories, digital and social, referred to as online media. The online or internet and mobile internet Media is getting major advertising share in the developed and developing markets.
However, we may say that other than some web giants ,(known to every internet user) generally all second tier websites cannot get appropriate traffic or visitors without the help of conventional or traditional media  .
Thousands of websites are being added to web stream daily across the world. Most of them are targeting local or regional communities of their countries. Such websites strive hard to get the traffic and for that they must recognition and popularity among targeted audience. In the increasing competition the only forum, through which, the websites could get unique visitors is conventional media.
In the developing markets like Pakistan, the advertising on TV channels and on print media is still very competitive and economical.
In Pakistan was the first website    that has started promotion on TV channels and have got tremendous response and recognition in Pakistan. It was followed by strong local players like , and few others are taking off for their cross media promotion.

Since the website owners are comparatively a new breed of advertisers, therefore there general reliance on the internet media and ignorance of the parallel print and electronic media is understandable. The most important aspect of advertising, which is applicable to all media, is the consistency .A persistent and even humble presence of the product or services, on media, gets long term recognition and has great impact on brand equity.

The awareness about the importance and ROI of the advertising spent on ATL is will be quite fruitful for the website owners’ .A good TV commercial of the website and its rationale placement, even in low budgets may get remarkable results in country like Pakistan.

This is a very positive development that the website owners have started contacting the creative hot shops, advertising agencies and media buying houses for the promotion of their websites.

In coming years, some local websites launched to cater the Pakistani market shall become major advertisers .This is off course a very optimistic situation and it will enable the conventional media to recover its due share from internet runners.

Author: Maqbool Mirza -about author

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