Creative quotes

One who is created is born to create. 


If you think you are not creative, you are not aware of it. 


The creation is primary purpose of human existence. 


Those who creates, builds the history and human race. 


Creativity is process of adding evolution to human mind 


If you are not intuitive, you are not asking yourself 


The pain of creativity is flame of existence 


Be more creative observe more.  


Look around through mind, close your eyes and the universe lives in you. 


Break the cord and serve your mind with freedom for creativity. 


Imagine the depths of a subject living on the surface. 


Ask yourself and every answer is inside the thinking mind. 


Get ready to create, free yourself from unimportant thoughts. 


Those who contemplate can cross the oceans without touching water. 


Sky is not the limit, universe is infinite for creativity. 


Ideas we make are ideas we are born with. 


Make a solid wall and pass through it, think thesis and anti-thesis. 


Spade the land, best harvesting is through fresh minds (Lands)   


Written by : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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