Love is….

img-20160111-wa0023.jpgLove is….

Love is the snow white seems to have covered all the skies in my sight……

Love is like the garden of gods, flowers all around look like lords…..

Love is like the scene of heaven, all singing birds and no raven….

Love is the live dream, shown through the skies on moon beam ….

Love is the journey so far, holding the arms showing its power ….

Love taking me in the stream, showing me reality, making me dream….

Love is a holy journal, reading it through, knowing the burner….

Love is a thirst of oceans deep, makes me smile makes me weep …..

Love is symphony, love is cord, love is music, and love is lord…..

Love is around love is away, love is near, love is sway….

Love is a teacher and so grim, loves is softer and so trim…

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