New ideas for me to write about

new-ideas-for-me-to-write-aboutIn order to polish and improve my skills to be a writer some day and to deliver some thing memorable to the world , I kept on looking for unique ideas
Though as a vulnerable mind and continued victim of distraction my ideas kept on dying during the delivery and it causes a type of depression , if not that intense but some how similar to abortion .
The frame and structure of an idea for an article or a blog or even a small piece of a story, during its very beginning some times and often gets a shock in the form of any wandering thought that always strike at the wrong time and kept and leave me stray and empty like thoughtless for a while and ruins the course of creativity , if any, i have and I expect from the piece to be creative in development process
Its like a war between the two rivals within the ground of my mind , some time the attacks from competitive distracting thoughts are mild and soft on the developmental process, maybe I should not say creative thoughts, and at any point of time some mortar shell is thrown wildly and kill the whole process and left the mind barren
Still living within the war zone of mind I keep on trying to confide on my weaker focus and writing skills to be improved and I can write longer in continuity even the matter remain subdued but it at least gets to a certain stage of completion.
In order to test the ability of thoughts to survive longer without an attack of distraction or assimilate the incoming warheads into something softer , I have decided to start writing about the places and events of life , those one could not forget
In upcoming flow of thought and if it will come
I will write my memories about lahore railway station when I came here as a student of philosophy with all my baggage and luggage , both were same for that matter

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