Patience to know, Silence to understand

Patience to know, Silence to understandWe may born clever and can be considered smart and maybe shrewd and that we get through some unknown genetic composition , beyond our disposition. The question what teaches us love ,wisdom, feelings , consciousness ,benevolence,pity ad selflessness .Some , if not all is learnt from surroundings and willingness to learn .  What more do we know , through a curious mind and what more can we learn from the millions of books , written by our predecessor.Let our curious mind be on job , let us we learn and try to know the known .During this endeavor of curiosity a lot can be learnt about humanity , the purpose of us and objectivity of our day to day life. Things may not be very clear and every passing moment may bring a shocking suspenseful revelation about the world around us . The continued effort to unveil the complexities is what , we can only do . The essence of the life is patience to know and silence to understand.

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