London and love

Maqbool Mirza

Other side of the river

love-me-or-leave-me-in-LondonLove me or leave me in London.

Love me or leave me in London…that’s what I have read on a T-shirt. And love a steaming and uncooked desire stumbling in the veins of human body, taking giant leaps to see across the wall of a destined cage, if there is love on the other side of the borders.
Love that humans may get or desire in any form, in any way in any shape, in any color or complexion for that matter .The love for some moments, the love for an instant and for the period of love an entire life could be given. The entire life to lose to get the precious moment of selfless love like the love of God.
The love as in love of God in London is like dreaming to reach Mars without ticket and covering the 90million and something miles distance  with the speed of light  .Since they say there is no such thing as free lunch and we can replace love with lunch or vice versa
The intensity of this very basic ,instinctive and disguised human need is same in London too , me being naïve to perceive  that it won’t be scarce commodity and will

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