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love-me-or-leave-me-in-LondonLove me or leave me in London.

Love me or leave me in London…that’s what I have read on a T-shirt. And love a steaming and uncooked desire stumbling in the veins of human body, taking giant leaps to see across the wall of a destined cage, if there is love on the other side of the borders.
Love that humans may get or desire in any form, in any way in any shape, in any color or complexion for that matter .The love for some moments, the love for an instant and for the period of love an entire life could be given. The entire life to lose to get the precious moment of selfless love like the love of God.
The love as in love of God in London is like dreaming to reach Mars without ticket and covering the 90million and something miles distance  with the speed of light  .Since they say there is no such thing as free lunch and we can replace love with lunch or vice versa
The intensity of this very basic ,instinctive and disguised human need is same in London too , me being naïve to perceive  that it won’t be scarce commodity and willbe flowing like a gold stream for everyone to drink on the shores of river Thames .however, It can be seen delivered and received  in some very specific and liberal forms , forms , those, we as natives of the veiled sides of the  river can only see on screens and not in real or if we do its still a an untold hidden treasure of secrets
But even the promotional  heaven show reel is a welcoming sight for the commuters , some like me , while trying not to stare , looks like a  villager , who saw a train for the first time in city and have declared it as God’s horse, which he must considered lengthier then the human horse .
Besides this sweet , soothing and comparatively bolder    promotion of human intimacy  on the streets ,the love seems to be the primary  desire and ultimate desire of every first person I met . Provided he/she is capable of paying his/her taxes and credit card bills  , if I may use the word highest and desperate  demand ,  and that is not exactly or necessarily is the same love which we have  just mentioned  as love scene . That is maybe the love during the honeymoon for honey mooners.
Love as it has different meanings for everyone, at least people say that they have their own meanings of love, similarly it has many different forms and understanding of love which  varies a lot from person to person or is understood differently  from society to society
Though in this chapter we are dealing with the very catchy slogan , a very creative line, that must have been thought by a creative director who have had worked for London tourism department .
Let’s dissect the line
Love me
Or leave me in London
Its like so many meanings we may come across,” love me “if you can and take me anywhere. I’m all yours provided you love me. I will follow your steps will go to heaven or hell, if you will love me . I will live along and probably will never compliant if you will love me, your love is my un ended, nonstop desire a profound wish. Love me if you have got the guts to love and if you know how to fulfill the criterion of love, which is not yours but my criteria. Love me till I live and till you die.
The dissection goes on of the first part and it never ends as the desire of love would never end
But when we get into the second part “or leave me in London” this is the crux of the phrase  … The first demand of the line as I see is leave me , well after it has been established that “you” can’t love me so if you can’t love me you have no right  to be with me and your rights to love me are no more intact so leave me and here I’m ,where I wanted to be .
Leave me in London and this part also shows some egoistic dependence and trust on the city. That if you won’t love me and will leave me in London, I will definitely get settled down and will find my love. The love that you couldn’t give me and when you will  leave me and my life will be a fairytale afterwards

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