The best media rates to advertise on TV channels

Not letting your products or services advertise on TV? Well, you are missing a great chance to be in proper competition with your rivals. So now after reading this, if you are looking for some good media rates in your country then one must know the perks of advertising on TV Channels. Some basic principles are to be followed to be a real profit killer for the advertising technique on TV Channels. Gain attention of your client by being prominent in TV channels and make a space in your customer’s grocery trolley! It’s almost a game of few seconds to hold someone’s attention or they are going to change the TV channel they are watching.

It is a common practice and desire of the advertisers, clients in the advertising language, to get best rates for the media campaign on TV channels .This practice is not unique in media industry in other sectors as well, all business communities want to ensure that they are buying the best quality at best price .In case of media marketing industry this term (media buying) has been recognized and established, worldwide because of bulk media buying companies in Pakistan and all across the world.

Through media buying, the advertiser gets stretch of his money and maximum exposure with minimum budget .This is the best proposition and ultimate objective to be achieved from every campaign. On face of it, it doesn’t seems to be an illegitimate business demand, buying at your best, cut downs the cost. Reduction of expenses increases the profits and eventually helps in business growth. This is brighter side of media buying, best buying, best planning and perfect reach to the targeted audience.

But television programming and production is itself a huge industry, which is generally and specifically dependent on advertising revenues. Since there is no such thing as subscription in Pakistan, therefore all the development and boom of programming software is dependent on advertising revenue .which in turn improves or deteriorates the quality of programming and time comes, where the channel’s programming drowned to a level of zero ratings.

As the business is cut throat, so every channel tries to be on the top and perseverance in case of fighting to get maximum eyeballs remains the only way of staying on the top .Channels with deep pockets and proper planning of producing best software gets the due share of viewership.

If we discuss it neutrally without being biased about the media buying companies and remaining unbiased about the TV channels industry. The suggestion for TV channels would be, to remain consistent, about the production of best products for their viewers and do not sell their channel in desperate manner .Otherwise, they will just be an addition to the TV screens and media buyers shall not consider them at all, or if they will do, they will squeeze their rates to the point of no return.

This is like you do your business and I will do mine. Off course a media buying company for the love of God will not be worried about the survival of channel “A” but it will try doing best for its own survival .The media buying company will do its best to retain its clients and provide them best value of their money and returning on investment.

In this article, I have tried to make up a point that it is actually another version of Lamarck theory of evolution. The struggle for the survival and survival of the fittest .This however seems to be very materialistic and capitalistic in its interpretation but it is a crucial fact of business world and same applies to both TV channels and media buying companies

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