The borderline between sin and pleasure.

The words are the meanings and they remain the most mysterious and important subject in the thoughts of Philosophy. Either within the boundaries of Philosophy or even in the Linguistics, it remains important to get their origin and impact on human minds and society.
Sometimes the words are so deep and so wide in their meanings, that they can even cover a whole horizon of human history. They hold such powerful meanings that can cause lives to live and become the cause of lives to die.
The words are sometimes so strong in the affect and effect that the misunderstanding of that word or any such mysterious word may become the cause of a world war or a words war.
The words associated in miscommunication, may cause a blasphemy. Words are so sensitive, so vulnerable, and so delicate in their concept.
Going forward from meanings of the words to a topic, suggested or given to me, The border line between sin and pleasure.
Being a student of Philosophy, it’s hard to avoid the understanding of the meanings of the word. At any situation and at any point of time, the topic itself is sensitive, because the sin itself falls in the domain of religion.
It’s hard to detach sin from the concept of religion, which is a concept so strong in the minds of human race. Even History is full of examples of how human tribes or even countries fought and million died as of religious differences and even at the present time these kind of events are still happening.
So, can we think to the sin without the fundamental boundaries of religion? The question evolved out of the meanings of the word itself. Do we see sin separated from any religious taboos and the whole row of do and don’ts? It’s hard to detach the word sin from its religious perceptions. And on the other hand, the word pleasure does not belong to the realm of religious dogmas. In certain areas both words are contradiction to each other, but the basic human structure of mind, in a general ways, gives explanation of both words. Pleasure remains a pleasure, till it does not hurt any one, and sin remains a sin, even it hurts or not any one. Sin means something you have done and it is being forbidden, but pleasure is not forbidden till its pleasure of mind or even of body and it does not break any laws either the natural laws or man made laws
When we say a specific act is a sin, we say it on the basis of some principles, some rule of law, and some code of conduct that has been elaborated by one or the other religious school of thought.
We can’t accuse a person for committing a sin, without having the definition of it, in some jurisprudence.
Every sinner in the court of justice or court of any priest or any scholar of any religion would get its punishment on the basis, of some already written law.
Pleasure remains discreet to an individual; it may remain private and it may remain personal as in relationship between a being and God.
Sin is for society …pleasure could be personal and could be social as well.
Pleasure within a group, with consent of having it pleasure without breaking law of land, would not fall in the realm of religion unless it is not confirmed as sin.

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