Thinking life,cognitive knowledge and intuition

Thinking-lifeThe rationality says we can trace the cause of each and every event and happening in the world. Every single movement is like a  reaction of a preceding event and the previous event is easily recognized to be positioned as the cause and only cause some times of the happening…

We say we can know all worldly matters how and why they have occurred.
It is all about the knowledge and it covers all the emotional aspects of life as well, but still, sometimes some specific link remains missing for ages and we go beyond cognitive knowledge  and rationality, while trying to find out that missing link and at that moment, we enter into the intuition may be.
Do we think intuition has some role to play in the matters under the Sun on Earth and the  matters without any metaphysical, mystic or spiritual value
The facts still remains unexplored, those missing links kept on revealing to the mankind through cognitive knowledge or through intuition…

Maybe even a whole  life of one being is spent on exploring one missing link and he or she just could join or solve one part of the whole puzzle related to one expect of  life for mind and material sciences may we say intuition is not needed as such, it is the vigilance, knowledge, information and  shrewd senses those are important.

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