Beyond the hope ….

wpid-2015-11-24-18.54.50.png.pngThere is something beyond the hope that we may consider as a logical Avenue while waiting for the result announced by our fate. If there is  something beyond the human knowledge it does not belongs to basic human faculty.  Anything  beyond hope is not owned by human cognitive senses. So the hope is last resort. So as to say when the hope dies the mind is not capable of giving any rationale understanding of what next.

Now what is left is not left under the jurisdiction of us ,neither in our command but beyond our control .

The state beyond hope is not the state of mind but the state of feelings and those feelings can be rightly called the blind faith on unknown.

There are matters in human life ,where the discretion of human beings is clearly unavailable. Like I hope it will be rain tonight ,a matter beyond our authority and we can only pray or just hope and enjoy sunshine.

There are matters ,related to other human beings, social , financial, economical or political matters .In cases where other human beings or organizations are involved or even communities and countries are involved ,such matters gives less hopes some times comparing with hopes of rain .

In purely subjective matters like about a relationship between two people and hopes to retain or breaking it up are again crucial and involves complicated human psychology.

I was just wondering, if it’s God beyond the hope or hope actually is God ….

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