People do not like to see ads

We can wrap it, cover it up, in different packaging , make it up worth watching even few times, but this is for sure , people do not want to see advertisement specially on TV channels and where else they see it .In cinemas , during movies ,it is not very much appreciated to have many commercials and there is usually one single break before the half time. In house entertainment like DVDs does not carry ads of sponsors.

Its only the TV channels rely generally on commercials and it is one of their major source of revenue. TV  viewers on the front side of the screen does not understand the importance and need of sponsors  for the TV channels .Who would not want free entertainment , continuous and non stop .

This is true that people wants to see , what they like to see and love to watch .If we are showing them something they don’t own or something opposite to their choices or something contradictory to their views and ideologies they will switch for sure. How to get them glued , fake it , mesmerize it , fantasize it and tell people if they have not used your products , they are sort of going to hell , off course  do not show them hell .

The entertainment value in the TV ads and glamour adds lots of colors to the lie, the expressions of the models and beauty shots should be executed to establish a truth untold. If you want to sell, what you have in real and with facts and rough realities, then you are unsold, always. Like if you are motivating people to buy property in hell, you should make sure you are showing them the heaven. Trust me,  they will buy it, if you have shot your commercial in real heaven. Some advertisers don’t want to lie and they don’t sell.  If a top brand burger king will tell you that there are thousands ailments attached to a burger and very few unseen benefits and they tell you in their ads truthfully, will you eat burger? …

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