Calmness- Zero Distraction

maqbool ahmed mirzaLife gets its share of joy and happiness  on the basis of contribution made by the individual or a family or a nation .The share is distributed and is scattered else where when ever it is excessive for one individual or a family or a nation .Nature on its own takes such decision and when an individual or a family or a nation tries to take over this right of the nature and tries to exert some sort of pressure on continuity of this cycle and tries to hold the undue share of joy and happiness .Whole scheme of events and happenings are employed by the nature in its own way of re-arranging the balance , whether it takes centuries or generations to get back the harmony , nature never forgives one single attempt and its time counters are intact to gather the data about the behavior of an individual or family or nation and giving its own plans as per deeds of its subjects . For nature, an individual may not be an individual , it could be a wholesome of generation a family could be a tribe and a nation could be one whole world at one point of time …

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