It’s New Year…

maqbool ahmed mirzaIt’s New Year time.

Is it a new world with some new thoughts? Some new proposals for the mankind from the universe , some new decisions by the leaders of the World for the human race, some new discussions about the approach towards a peaceful healthy life ,some new world order based on the equality and freedom and making the world and all human beings a single nation of love, eliminating the barriers of cast ,creed and breed .love to prevail as single sign of human race.
Is it a dream , its always a wonder to many and always in history many have thought about ,how to make every human child a happiest person on the earth .How to remove agony for every one in any form caused by the nature or by the nature or some oppressor, rather to ensure peace to an extent and situation to an ideal state that no oppressor gets to be an oppressor. The quality of life given to a human being is considered as the responsibility of state. Should it not be the responsibility   of the world to ensure quality of life for every single person surviving on the earth.

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