Can you ever see

img-20160111-wa0023.jpgCan you ever see…

I do not know, how will I express my pain in binding silence…how will I walk alone on the tracks walked with your hand in mine…how will I talk to people known through you…I wonder my eyes wont be able to see the surroundings felt through you…I wont be able to breath in the same air…I wonder I have to live the space beyond you….I wont be able to appreciate the flowers of my garden…I wont be able to talk to my gardener about plants sown in your association…I wont be traveling to the mountain city…I wont be able to walk on  those roads I have crossed with you … I can only write….and can shed tears…on that same bench …where we sat and we talked about the stars under the dark sky …we talked about some innocent kids playing nearby, their life seemed beautiful to you…i will now sit on that bench alone…i will talk to that tree alone and i will let those children smile on me …i wont forget the rains and those stains will never be washed from my heart…and how can i forget our sunset…i have preserved its dim light in my heart forever….while the sun was fading across the field i felt your eyes closing on my shoulder…how will i forget those evenings and dawns…when the life was alive that has now gone… the beams of sunsets will be like sharp arrows wounding my soul with grief …how hurt i will  be ….can you ever see?

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