language of gods

Language of Gods


img-20160111-wa0023.jpgIts a beautiful and painful contentment of love….the contradiction of moonlight and darkness is leaning across the wall and I’m blind but can only see the face of my beloved….can anyone find such paths of mystic mystery……all around your face is the glow and all beyond your radiance is the darkness of unknown….you are the only known face among the known and the known faces I used to know are now unknown….I can feel roving within the stars and being pulled towards the center of destiny….my last and lost resort is to merge in you my starlight….you are the flame of wounds and I’m burning to get consumed in the energy of your light……all the candles of tavern are in glowing to the fullest ….let me soaked in the wines of your fire and swim inside the oceans of your love my lord… your eyes I have seen the reality of existence….the truth of my birth…….its a mysterious silence in my soul and you are talking to me in the language of gods…

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