convert me into your doorbell


In your arms, I forget every wound of my soul and you are the healer, who can do all the miracles


If I will die, bury me at the backyard of your palace and just look at my grave every morning and I will remain the loveliest blossom for your eyes only…

when you sleep my beloved , all the stars of the universe, stay stand still in respect and bow their heads in pin drop silence , so the princess remain calm and safe in the arms of all stars …

if you ask me, I m like a feeble, star with no light of my own, I m like a black hole, smallest of all, inferior of all, I survive and can survive only on the basis the light of your eyes, when you feel like looking at me……I m the one standing in the remote corner, with my head down with eyes looking at floor, i m the one, who wants to be your best servant…..I m the one who wishes to remain silent till you are sleeping , like an old tree , which cannot move

I m like at the gate of the paradise, gate of your heaven, i m so inferior to assume myself, eligible to enter inside……

Convert me into your doorbell, so i may remain hanged, outside your palace and with every breath of your heart, I will ring like the bells in the necks of desert camels….

written by: maqbool mirza 

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