Dancing in the streets ….

img-20160111-wa0023.jpgDancing in the streets …

This is something,  I  know that it’s not me…..it’s your presence and those sounds of your love on my way….ringing in my  ears  since many years since I was born and I happened to be perfect  enough to welcome you ….

I should say thanks to universe that has made my heart capable of becoming the home of such a place capable of holding this godly love…


Oh my master I’m your puppet …holds my cords and make me dance in the streets

I was wondering if you will ask me to dance in the streets….can I refuse you….my lord….

One can only dance in streets either in love or earning his bread through it

Even I get merged into the soil and bloom as a flower in your garden

I want to become a skeleton standing bowed outside your street

Even my body burnt away like wax of the candle

Even I remain like a soul …swirling around you

I’m melted like the wine …I want to burn like the fire of forest …I’m lighter like the feathers of a sparrow…

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