If love is music of my soul…..

img-20160802-wa0000.jpgIf love is the music of soul….let it play on the cords of my heart

If love is fuel to breath the life…..let it burn in my ribs…

If love is, the sun of the universe …let it glow in my chest…
If love is the moon of your forehead …let my eyes be blind to everything else
If love is madness of mind…let me be the beggar of streets
If love is the dew of the forest, let me be a wild flower in loneliness
If love, loves the dancers let me dance barefooted on burning coal…
If love is bible of serenity …carve me on stone…make me an idol of love….
I have some breaths counted ….till I will see your face again…..my heart is asking from my eyes….if they can see you coming back…….before the pile of stored breath shall end…If Its love let me wait for you , forever

Written by : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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