I can see the glimpse of Universe in you….

img-20160111-wa0023.jpgI can see the glimpse of universe in you…every star would just be a tiny spot in your eye


Can’t wait to see all your beauties in the universe

I’m like a shattered cloth hanging in a mall…assuming your hands will pick me and turn me into a fabulous dress for yourself and carry me along on the journey to the universe….

I’m learning a lot under your supervision and need to learn much to get along on the journey to know the life and the God…


Peace in love prevails and make us grow in shadows of love and  this blessing of love with truth of our soul…will get us far away in the stars…

Every spring imagined by human soul ……is based on love and love only….

Any other scene anything that comes in my dream…unrelated to you I woke up in agitation and sleep again with your image in my eyes……any moment I don’t want to think of anything but the beacon of light to carry me across the skies….

Any moment that took me away from my light ….makes me feel ….far away from the destination….


written by: Maqbool mirza

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