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Its-not-aboutIts not !!! Its not About religion ,not about communism neither about slavery nor about the desire of human beings to become rich overnight so its not about materialism either . Its not about the love that instinctively human beings hold in their hearts for fellow beings !! Which is still a question a hatred or love they hold ! From culture to religion to ethnicity , its anyway is not the question its not about love for the mankind not even closer to the thoughts of Buddha ..its not about the sufferings of mankind for which we might feel unbearable pity, as they say ! Its not about the equality as they can’t be equal even if they want to … Its not about their rights to the basics facilities of life mandatory on the state ,,, its not about the expatriates of third world living like animals tamed and obedient animals to ensure they will have bright futures of siblings back home !! Its not about that really , why do someone would spare time to write about the earnings hands those are bringing foreign currencies to their homelands, a sizable contribution to the drowning economies of the third world ! Its not about the high tech machines of the most scientific human era in the history of mankind !! The robots that could yet not replaced the hands of laborer ! Its not about the magic broom that cleans the already shining floor ! Its not about that black of white man that you still have to see in seven star hotels and glittering airports , trust me its not about ! As who can replace him ,rather we all love cleanliness and its not about that bar girl who works only for 10 dollars for the whole and we know where she works and may be we spent 100 dollars for a glass of wine ! I swear its not about ! Why should I presume that its not her free will to be a bar girl so its not the matter to ponder upon .
Its not about the scattered fragrance in the meadows free for everyone its not about birds singing at dawn the oceans keeps their nudity open for all .. Its not about the perfection of nature its not about the smile of a newly born , unaware the kid is about the ethnicity and class he/she belongs too.

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