time goes on

maqbool ahmed mirzathe time changes ,  every sun is new sun’
 its just our eyes to see the new sun
 we have this night
 and don’t know what the new sun beholding for us
 life goes on
 time never cares for us to have great morning or not
 it passes
 so its we only
 its you only
 its me only who may can find the happiness from this passing stream
 or we cant find it.. even if we do or don’t
 it goes on the time
 it never stops
 mornings and nights does not belong to us… only we belong to us , nothing in time n space is ours but us
 so we can be cattle and sheep
 and we can be fish which moves with flow of water in shoals
 we can be mountaineers, crossing the Everest

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