Life is beautiful through rationality

If you are living without it and you do not know the importance of reasoning in your life , then you are not living the life to its fullest and with freedom. The cage around us is actually the vicious circle of traditions and conventional morality ,which is locked with the emotions.There are windows for the reasons to enter, always in every situation and all circumstances but the irrationality guards those holes and change never comes in lives of many us , living a life devoid of reasoning.

It is hard for the rationality to give answer of every question on its own , but it gives all and many grounds to find out the truth of the situation and of the life as such. Reason is not a ready to use faculty or a cognitive sense to be used for immediate empirical and pragmatic knowledge, but it could be real aid for knowing through observation , experience and practical considerations. It will not however ,work like a sensory organ for many matters in hands . The reason works at its best ,while we analyse cause and effects.

Written by: Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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