2016 and the world

World is different every year .

It is bound to be different .

A change is not created but to remain as constant. 

All changes are new for many and unexpected for many but the wisest can see the change coming .

It is not the weather to change every quater of the year .

It is the evolution of collective human intelligence and of various activities of the people to bring positive or negative change

Only the laws of the universe are apparently same since since millions of year but not the human life on the earth.

The known stats are countable

The unknown are infinite

The known stars can be counted but not the unknown ones

The humans born and dead and alive are being counted but the angels and demons if they exist are not accounted for

The newly born in many parts are dying after birth but we are worried about the life …if there is in other galaxies

The known facts about mortality rate are not unknown so are not important but the unknown are important to be known to the truth seekers

We are living in the world of wisdom and seeking the knowledge about the universe

Ignorant we are towards the known facts .

Let’s sit and talk with those alive …

Or speak to dead ones about unknown

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