Movies and TV channels

TV channels, specially the entertainment channels  depend a lot on film industry for their programs . Some of the programs based on the celebrities interviews and their participation , have established themselves as most highly viewed shows. There is however a lots of advancement in Television Production and TV media is some how playing the role of nursery for Film Industry , the big screen with all its glamour and gigantic positioning is still exclusive.

Lately the TV series commonly known as seasons are getting high ranking for best in-house entertainment , though the popularity of the seasons and its positioning depends on the presence of even a second film star .

Recently i have managed to see a popular Crime Drama series , Blacklist  with amazing performance of James Todd as Raymond Reddington and his co star Megan boone . Their presence on screen along with high value production makes it worth watching . However,  the TV series the Blacklist and any other depends a lot on film stars for its success.

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