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The best possible programming and distribution through cable networks is inevitable for a new channel to get recognition among the existing and all over flown numbers of channels one can surf on screen.the myth of screen specially for news channels all around the world is big bang and making a big news out of the smaller one ,this desperate need of news channels to unveil a new news and to be the first one to break it has made a news channel a source of depression for the viewers in certain cases specially in countries where bad news is abundant on national and regional scales . however, social responsibility and morality of journalism covers this aspect of news industry , which is no doubt a most powerful industry in the world .
My topic is the room forthe news channels in the market in a country like Pakistan , where industry is not growing the way it should be ,because of certain political and international reasons.Another factor is the expanding digital world of computer and mobile technology which should be a hindrance for the new investors in electronic media industry . but unfortunately the new comers in media industry do not recognize the descending trends of aggregate television viewership as of the time the new generation and the metropolitan population has started to spent on their laptops and smart phone.
This is a fact that people are not investing willfully with well thought of research on digital media the way it has been giving tough time to conventional media world wide and in pakistan we are also ignoring the revenues that digital media is generating since over a
decade now.
The question still remain is about the room for new tv channels in any genre and does it go with the basis rule of demand and supply , the channels those are already on screen since many years are not getting sizable share or not even a minimum share in certain cases which they need for themselves for their respectable survival.
TV channels in market of Pakistan relies on advertising revenues for their expenses , apparently there is no other legal source of income for them and since the DTH and subscription areas are not yet resolved and channels does not seems to be very powerful to dictate their terms to cable operators and get subscription share from them , so the advertising revenue is only area of reliance for them and the growth of advertising budgets directly proportionate with economy which is not booming in any case as of now.
The only solution seems to be workable is to create new advertisers from the existing markets and bringing new players to sell their products in Pakistan or the investors on large scale to set up industry , the international investment in Pakistan seems to be a dream in the current crises of power generation and other prominent reasons which are not welcoming for foreign investments .the first factor of encouraging and bringing virgin advertisers on board could increase the advertising revenues for the media industry , the possible ways of motivating and maturing new advertisers will the subject of my second blog.

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