Expansion of Market Through Media and For Media

Expanding the advertising market is in other words, is to add in more product into the stream , motivating the products and services those are not trying to become national brands and have potential to break the geographical regional boundaries and enter into other cities and increase their demand and arrange to maintain the supply line for the new markets.This expansion will also need to enhance the production facility and to re structured the services aoffshore expansion of their business in other countries and this perspective is misunderstood as well, normally it is considered as investing abroad .however, it is not exactly investing abroad but it is investing to get a sizable return back home , stretching the business nationally is first aspect of this article which will directly influence the advertising market .
Second aspect is reaching to such client those are potential advertisers but are not being educated and motivated about the role of advertising and its importance for the growth of the business and strengthen the brand equity.such entrepreneurs in their raw forms are excessively available in almost all cities with industrial upbringing and even in cities with agro base industry can be developed and is developing with economic evolution .
In last many years i have seen ,that because of smaller markets in front of them and lacking of vision , many potential advertisers scattered all around the country are scared to invest in advertising and they are generally of the opinion that what ever they are producing any product it could be, they are selling it without spending a rupee on advertising and marketing .this attitude clearly shows their inability to understand the prospects of expansion and their contentment is because of the lacking in exposure and general psychological behavior of resting in peace on whatever they have in hand and in certain cases advertising is considered as gamble which might bring them loss and they ll be devoid of what they own , this contentment might be called peaceful living in a smaller circle without running for more . but in the new order of the day where consumer market is bound to grow and needs are being creatively induced on human minds and competition is such a rat race where the products are looking for new horizons and reaching from one pole to the others for the accumulation of maximum resources.In a such a world of economic war if a nation would remain content within its shell, the economic growth will remain a dream.

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