Generally the advertising campaigns are made on the basis of harmony for all media and radio commercials are usually extracted from the TV commercial of a brand, either it is a jingle, dialogue or voice over based commercial.
The objective in this extraction is usually to establish harmony in the media campaign and to increase the resale value as listeners of radio channels and viewers of TV channels are considered as same and as selected on the basis of their of their demographics and psycho-graphics during the creative brainstorming.
However , with the innovation in radio transmission, new trends of listener-ship, interactivity and incremental listener-ship of radio channels , the advertising creativity , making of the communication messages for the brands has provoked new ideas to capture the radio based audience for the brand or any other public or social service messages .
Tailor made messages for the brand promotion specifically through radio would create a new market for the brands and would also reach through very economical production cost of making of radio messages, Since the radio stations are very deeply penetrated even in remote areas and small towns, therefore making the messages according to the lifestyle and languages of particular residents can also be more productive for the acceptance and acknowledgement of the brand.
The cost effectiveness in terms of radio media rates is also a factor for getting maximum reach in lowest cost.

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