This is the century of internet if we say so, it would not be taken as a loud and bold statement, it’s spreading like a plague all across the globe, changing values and cultures and making the world more informed about any happening before the mix of radio or camera of tv channels reached to the places of happenings.
The photo transfer through mobiles spreads the news in the entire world through social media and news agencies get to know through some immature passionate wannabe a journalist of the street who becomes the initiator of the news, which could might be the interest of the whole world or might not be liked the way it gets leaked through a disorganized new medium, controlled by million of its contributors.
Do we need new media ethics about the right to know and right to say in this growing industry, where anyone can share his her views and reviews about any topic under the sun or even beyond the sun and disinformation is the most possible threat in this case.
Can we revisit the subject of media ethics again in this century or we let the freedom of speech go on in the hands of the internet.

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