Syrian refugees children are dying on seashore

If you want write a line that “we” as human being are dying on the seashores or our children are dying on the sea shore. Do you think you can give a right answer, if someone will ask you that who are “we”. Generally the words and their meanings are important in every human communication, but it is unfortunately confused with linguistics .The search of rightful meanings of words is centuries oldquest of philosophy. So who are “we.” Can we use the word” we” for human beings? Yes, we can. Although comparing ourselves with the aliens of Mars.

While using the word “we” for Syrians immigrants and people of many countries considering themselves as brothers as they believe in same God of one religion .So, under this context, they will call themselves we”. A tragedy situation looks like funny only through the exploration of very simple word “we”.
Let’s ponder on some popular slogans of the political and religious leaders. Quote, “We are working for peace and safety of our people.
We are trying to make world an ideal place for the citizens of our country.
We are working and trying to make world as safer as it should. Specially, the subjects for the said country should be the safest. We need some articulate defense equipment. Our best brains are working day in and day out to ensure the safety. We are preparing most lethal weapons to avoid war.
Today world is a better place for the citizen of this country and we are ready to respond any attack on our soil against our people.
So, who are”  we ” , if we try to learn between the lines ,”we” never mean the mankind , unless you are working for a documentary being made for the national geographic or animal planet.
We, is always some country nation , community or race .In the modern materialistic and capitalistic world “we ” often means countries .The purpose of the article is never to ask the countries to reduce the production of lethal weapons and deterrents ,neither it is to ask nations to stop worrying about the attackers of same planet.
It is just to consider the importance of philosophical positioning of words and meanings. With the clear understanding about elusive use of such words, people can make a clear perspective. Enlightening them with the conscious understanding of day to day use of words shall let them make a correct decision about their lives. In this era of gigantic information exchange on internet and other media , most of the people in the world (even learned ) does not know that who is killing whom and why . The real theories look like conspiracy theories and vice versa. Shall we conclude that the human intellect is no more interested to search for real truth of existence? The truth about the world politics not the truth of metaphysics .This is really an innocent gesture by the leaders of some of the most civilized countries of the world, when they ask on the podium of UN or their parliaments. Gentlemen! What is happening? Why the people are being killed in “x” country, some of them could bring tears .Many watching TV at that moment decides to vote for them in upcoming elections.
On the other hand, the religious leaders of different religions and sects weep too and with husky voices, they tell the worshippers, our innocent people are being killed, this is because of the anger of God. O the people of God, you still have time, leave the worldly matters, come back to house of thy lord and pray.     More they weep, more the people cry, more the God laughs.

Written by : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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