Migrant Crisis in Europe

People were travelling all across the globe through out the history , till they settled down at certain places occupying various geographical pieces of land and became native. At Present, there are two type of migrants , the people running from lands of wars and economic migrants. The Refugees from War are being considered innocent victim of war and economic migrants are notorious because of their illegal attempts to settle down in rich countries.

War is a big reality and human race is fighting since long with each other because of one or the other reason , similarly the economics is an equally important reality and a continuous fight for less privileged people . If we try to understand the both “Economics” and” war “, it will be interesting to find economics behind the wars and wars behind economics .The fact of matter is not that hidden to be found out it in theories of economics and in the theories of war . People are fighting to survive and vice versa . If we can stop the wars , we can at least stop economic migration and there will be no war migrants .On face of it , its a simple solution but we do not want to understand this , we should not be saying that we are wisest spices among all living things .

Written by : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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