beginning of universe

Maqbool Mirza

Theory of Evolution

Theory of evolution is difficult to explain and the available sources to explore the truth of this hypothesis are based on fossils records and somehow on archaeology and other geological sciences. To explore the connection of other stars and far away galaxies with the earth and with the life on earth and consequently with the theory of evolution, we must reach to other stars and galaxies or at least should be able to collect the samples of its material.

The theory of evolution has mainly confined itself with the evolution of life on earth and it has taken up circumstances and situations of the planet, which were conducive for the beginning and growth of life. The elements of natural selection and struggle

Maqbool Mirza

All we know about the Universe

The more we are getting to know about the universe, more it is telling us about the properties of light. If it is Newtonian physics, it was more about gravity but the landscape to understand the universe have been changed after the relativity theory of Einstein and light was again the major source and focal point to formulate the quantum mechanics or quantum physics. So within the domain of Physics, we may attribute

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