Theory of Evolution

Theory of evolution is difficult to explain and the available sources to explore the truth of this hypothesis are based on fossils records and somehow on archaeology and other geological sciences. To explore the connection of other stars and far away galaxies with the earth and with the life on earth and consequently with the theory of evolution, we must reach to other stars and galaxies or at least should be able to collect the samples of its material.

The theory of evolution has mainly confined itself with the evolution of life on earth and it has taken up circumstances and situations of the planet, which were conducive for the beginning and growth of life. The elements of natural selection and struggle
for the survival and survival of the fittest have been widely discussed as well.

The beginning of life and its very initial stages can be tactically traced back on earth through various available sources but strategically it’s a gigantic plan that have, its roots scattered all along the universe .Even if we take the algorithm between the sun and the earth and focus on its very basic principles, we can derive the known fact of “light” as the very crucial and inevitable element for the existence of life on earth. The other factors like gravitational forces and harmony between the electromagnetic fields of earth and sun are equally and not partially responsible for the reasons of life on planet.

While reading through the supporters of Darwin and especially the evolutionist and renowned atheist like Richard Dawkins, we always feel the reasoning, contradictory to their opinion and anything against evolution would be lacking in rationality. The facts those have been collected since many decades and the biological facts based on botany and zoology are healthier evidence to prove the evolution but are not very convincing about the beginning of life.  Also the missing link between the animals and their transformation into an entirely rationale and intelligent being is the mystery unresolved .Similarly the beginning of human kind is also an unresolved riddle.

Talking about the grand design, where all the elements are placed in an immaculate manner to support the presence of life on a tiny planet Earth in the whole scheme of galaxies and universes is also a greatest unknown fact for human beings. We also have to assume that life is nowhere or maybe somewhere unknown in other remote universes, but not at least in the nearest planets in our galaxy. The modern theoretical physics, besides telling us a lot about gravitation and laws of motions and about many laws of nature, it has also enlightened us about the same laws applicable at least in our galaxy. The chemical compositions and physical structures of all other planets in our galaxy do not support any kind of life. The Geo location of Sun,( which is a tiny star in whole composition of Universe) is also not supporting the existence of life on its other planets.

The setting if I use the word , coding behind the software of Universe is planned in a  manner to support the life on planet earth and all the galaxies in all universes are seems to be regulated in a manner to just ensure the life to go on , on planet earth . Even in our modern day cosmological findings and evidences based on laws of nature and through the theoretical physics we claim that there is no absolute time and no absolute space. The fact known and unknown to us doesn’t give any indication about the beginning of the Universe and about its end as well. The question remains, with all due respect to Mr. Richard Dawkins and his articulate work of God delusions, what we are? And where we came from ?

Written by : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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