All we know about the Universe

The more we are getting to know about the universe, more it is telling us about the properties of light. If it is Newtonian physics, it was more about gravity but the landscape to understand the universe have been changed after the relativity theory of Einstein and light was again the major source and focal point to formulate the quantum mechanics or quantum physics. So within the domain of Physics, we may attribute
all the revolutions and successes of science to the exploration of light and its qualities. Without the light, we can’t even look at the stars and cannot even determine the size of the universe as much as we have known till now. For a layman, the light is one of the basic elements of survival, like oxygen and water before the many other elements. If anyone, (not a physicist) tries to understand the importance of light further, he may declare it as an inevitable blessing for the growth of plants, which through the process of photosynthesis get its food, gives us food in turn, for our survival. The natural light that we know of, is the sunlight and our routine life is dependent on it and its sign of life for us. But the light we do not consider to be important in our routine life is the light coming from beyond the sun and the light of other stars within our galaxy and from millions of other galaxies known and unknown to us.

The light from other galaxies, from other stars is the basic and only source of knowing the expanding universe .In my quest to understand philosophy as a humble student, i have felt a craving to know the scientific details of the universe that is being explored since centuries through philosophy and later on through various scientific disciplines. Theoretical/quantum Physics and mathematics, besides its contribution in all modern technology of computer, have contributed a lot to understand the universe. It was hard for me to get back to physics and try learn its basic concepts from scratch,  but I m thankful to a book and its author, History of Time and Stephen Hawking. The only mathematical equation in it is e=mc^2, however to understand, appreciate and comprehend, one needs to understand many concepts and phenomenon of Physics.

The scientific understanding behind the complex mechanics, making and the beginning of the universe without qualitative knowledge of Physics, seems to be impossible and all the many scientist since centuries are working in their own domain and faculties and are inventing new branches of Physics .On the face of it, it’s a gigantic empty space full of stars, galaxies of stars moving continuously in the stream of time and are connected to each other through gravity. The stars we can see, with naked eye and looks like a spot of light are actually unimaginable in size and are moving with certain stipulated speed in their orbits. The arrangement is so immaculately conceived and imposed, that it seems to be permanent and can never be dangerous to us, the mere mortal beings.

The question is that why an immaculate conception is a biggest trigger for a tiny human mind in comparison with the size of the universe. Why do we have to know it all and share it with the generations to come and how this knowledge of the universal physics is helpful to a normal life? .Some 2000 years ago and during philosophical and scientific era of Aristotle and till the 16th century the earth was considered as the centre of Universe. However, the size of universe has been declared infinite and it is accepted that there is no absolute space, however the centre of the universe cannot be determined as yet, nevertheless it is not the earth. One of the reasons to know the universe could be the serenity of thoughtful provocation to apprehend the smoothly sailing stars and galaxies across the horizons. In general it is the innate curiosity inbuilt as the basic faculty of human mind.

The beginning of the universe and its end is biggest question of metaphysics and philosophy. The knowledge about the maker is handler is also a primary concern of both the subjects. The automated outcome of these questions was the entrance of Physics that deals with space-time as a product. While knowing the universe through light, a lot the human race have invented with the complexities and divergence of electromagnetic waves and light particles .The microwaves, short waves, x-rays and many more waves and rays have become the foundations of all modern technology. So the credit of all ,this revolution should be given to light or to the basic questions of metaphysics and philosophy .

Written by: Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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