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Creativity as we feel it in non commercial ventures except for traditional school of thoughts about meter in poetry and prose remain as a free expression of thought the freedom to write is accepted in all areas of creative writing and creative ideas ,although in few areas of contemporary religious belief the thoughts are humbly gentle in respect to the emotions of a believer , which actually brings harmony and peace among different schools of religious thoughts .In non commercial creative thoughts the poetry is generally based on human feelings those are provoked through the cognitive knowledge and intuition in certain mind situations , the ideas are developed and redeveloped through the mental exercise and product of thoughts get a shape to be delivered . The poets and writers centuries ago were often roaming in journeys to moderate and sooth the pain of creativity , searching for the truth and knowledge and mostly commonly for the endurance of itch and pain within .
The creative ideas gets the dynamism of expression through the variety of encounters and exposure .
I always wonder the same pain same brutal and fierce pain of non commercial creativity runs through the minds and souls and veins of commercial creative artist
Being a student of philosophy I tend to stop and think about the words and meanings ,while writing about the subjects like this one triggers my thirst to explore the meanings of words like soul and mind ,though the topic does not allow
I often wonder to ascertain the intensity to determine the levels of pain borne by the non commercial and commercial creative person .
The subject matter in lieu of commercial creativity is off course advertising creativity and ideas in advertising communication as blog is to be published on the website of time and space media.
With due all other commercial artists belong to other forms of commercial art ,the pain and parameters in advertising creative communication are some how unique in the perspective , generally because of the stakes of brand owners in this economic warfare
The creativity that grows and lives in the mind of creative person and makes him or her creative by default and let him or her enjoy the liberties to write without the boundaries of brand positioning and brand perspective , must be passionate expressions of emotions and feelings without a need of taming and scrutinizing of the words more often as per the directions of brand managers
I’m concluding the blog here with the question ? Is it the same pain …..

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