Identifying a Consumer….

Its a secondary  task to get to know more about them the consumers , like their behaviors, attitude and other day to routine habits.Identifying them is foremost task for a better and focused communication and often we do not realize the importance of this primary step, many of the brand owners presume themselves or try to impose their own routine on the prospective customer/consumer of their product or services. I often wonder while passing through the crowd at some public place , like airports , railways stations , market places and cinemas that most of the time people are explaining themselves with their body gestures , their moods , appearance, style, and expressions on their face tells us their stories of life . the market place makes every one a consumer of one or other product , the marketing or communication manager always looks around to identify the core consumer, like a hungry man looks for food .They are all around scattered in different areas , we may have met them somewhere at some place every day .i feel if we do not have sufficient funds to engage a professional research company to look for and identify our consumer ,then we may only focus for few days and the consumer will be found , once and forever .

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