Time before the time.

Maqbool Ahmed MirzaLets swim and the waters are those, no one can witness and the time was never born and we swam still we were not there.  If we go into the time when we were not created in the wombs of our mothers and the time when our mothers were not created either.  Time that when we were just being conceived in the minds of the God.  Let’s go to the ages when even, we were only an idea to be created. The time, when the galaxies were parked inside the God’s shed.  Let’s we find the beginning of time.  Before we are ended like all before us.

Shall we not see a stagnant universe before it has started to move in all direction? Can we imagine the flow of stars and the first push, the instant cause? We are the centre of all attractions we see and all yet are known to us.

Before the lord of the lords have blown the whistle and have commanded the beginning of the end product.  Lets reach to the ultimate with the power of imagination and find the reality yet not known.

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