My destiny is my choices.

Every day I wake  up with the thoughts of making myself a better human being and every day I sleep with same thoughts. I can never say that my destiny is controlled by anyone else, be it a God or my relations. I sleep with my own will and woke up with my own desire. I have command and control of limbs and even I can direct my thoughts and I can think whatever I want to. I’m a pure dictator of my body and my soul. I can talk to myself, I can discuss things with my mind, I can calculate the mathematics of my ownquestions and can answer the most complicated, sociological, psychological and materialistic ambiguities those flow in my mind. I can address every complexity and I can tell the cause of each one of them. So, I’m the Lord of myself, master of my deeds and trainer of my skills.

I’m as raw as the unbaked bricks and I m as rough as untreated stone, I can convert myself into an ideal product suitable for others and for myself too. I can choose , I can pick , I can think , conceive and design the life for myself , I m the owner , I m the world , I m the maker of myself  after I have been made by unknown.

I’m the loner like many, the last of the creature. I’m tail ender in the process of creation, the thinking and thoughtful animal on the loneliest planet earth.  But I can build anything from soil and can use the metal to destroy whatever I want. I m the ruler of the planet, I can think about universe and can predict the movement of the planets and can calculate the time from the recent beginning.

I can hear the sounds and can see the lights coming from farthest stars in the universe. I can decide and find myself travelling all across the globe and can move a sizable metal piece from China to London in couple of minutes. Yes , I don’t control my breath but I realize that I do , after every breath , I feel that I have controlled it and if i have passed  through this one, i  will control the upcoming one too . I can count the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years in my life. I can plan the unknown future, becoming the past and present every hour.

I don’t need the guidance but I need the information to make my path clear and I need it every day from my fellow beings. I’m living since thousands of years and i m not sure for how long I will. As long as I m here, I can make it a beautiful place or I will not. It’s my choice. I’m the human being.

Written by: Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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