Unconscious Minds, Psychology and Advertising

Human mind is carrying a unique scanner in its parts for the memories to be recorded there and remain useful for the mind for entire life, the data once recorded is saved in various sections of brain and can be used creatively for all purposes ,from childhood till the old age when the functioning of all body cells remain intact ,the data scanned and recorded in the memory can not be trashed like we could do with our computer data though in certain psychological treatments the unpleasant memories could be faded off with incremental fresh and new memories and conscious efforts of forgetting anything unpleasant and undesirable , off course no one wants to remember the bad patches in life history but can’t send the memory in trash through a click of a tab . In advertising creativity we always try to use positive elements to stimulate the human mind to provoke and activate the human desire to push the need and fix it in the mind of the consumer and customer in a way to accelerate his action of going to the mall and demand our product and services. Even if we are selling something which is not universally accepted as healthy for the consumer ,alchohal for example,even such products too will never highlight the negative health hazard affect in its advertising campaign. on the contrary the pleasure ,the aroma  peace and content it carries , the purity,elements of fun and thrill can be associated to influence the mind on  conscious and subconscious levels . The creators  of creative ideas in advertising  are usually very alert and are intelligently aware about the psychographics of the target audience and they can avoid to have complete understanding of their arget group consumer behaviour ,as in general millions are on stake while developing the bid  creative idea for a new or existing brands any bounced back creative campaign could shatter the fate of the brand or at least would may cause a huge loss on making and dissemination of creative message for brand promotion. Therefore, a wide research on consumer market and consumer behaviour play a key role in the making of big idea ,even if a creative person would have an access to the” unconscious level of human mind”he would not be abstained to reach there and  get the  impression of brand message  embossed on sleeping mind” But unfortunately the unconscious level of human mind is level where the mind is state of sleep and only it can be communicated through dreams ,this could be a subject of a hollywood movie but such machines are not invented as yet ,those could reach the human minds while they are in deep sleep ,or at least not in my knowledge However human mind and emotions are touched on subconscious level very frequently through various techniques however after the conscious level all other levels becomes the part of intra personal communication. In mass communication usually direct simple , memorable ,easy and simpler way of creative communication is most viable.

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