Industrial Mobilization Through Advertising

We all want to grow in a  specific and multiple directions of our choice every time , a milkman may want to become the owner of a small dairy and a black smith would might be interested to start a steel re-rolling factory and become an industrialist. The modern industrialist society is capable of creating a huge consumer market out of the basic needs of human beings, which includes primarily the need of shelter, food, health and education etc.
Advertising plays an important role as major part of marketing to convert a basic human need into a large scale industry, many examples in edibles can be given to counter the argument, the fast food, junk food terms are being used after the industrial scale growth of fast foods and life without a burger and cold drink would look like life of cave men.
The societies and nations , where the literacy rate and  maximum consumer consumption level  has reached to a saturation point are always looking for new markets for the reach and to get the production capacity (which is being increased on daily basis )sold to the far corners of the world and keep on exploring the new surface where there is sign of life and money, the process seems to be continued for good In countries like Pakistan where abundant human and other basic resources are available , Advertising can play a vital role for the growth of economy it’s just to reach the entrepreneurs, the new entrants in various business sectors, the existing business owners with potential but are discreet or not willing to expand and are in state of literacy where they do not or cannot  comprehend the importance of marketing and advertising.
Such scattered individuals must be tapped by the advertising professionals, they must be feeling safe in the hands of ad agencies for the promotion of their brands and the expansion which is need of the day.

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