If you are working in a media buying company or as media manager or even an account manager , servicing the client giving them suggestions about their communication strategies and about the promotion of their brands . As in how could they reach to right target audience with minimum spent of money getting maximum exposure and highest return of their investment.
The TV channels seems to them as most interesting , thrilling and electrified source of communication to disseminate their creative message .The most frequent question they ask you , every day is . What do people actually watch on TV ?
Besides the availability of people’s meter data , though its sample size remains a question , but still they want to know what do people actually watch on TV, which channel , which genre , which time , which program and so on and so forth . Its a series of questions and sometimes a serial adding new details with some occasions or any on going event like of sports usually.
The brand sellers look for buyers , where they are and what they watching , reach them catch them convince them and bring them to malls and they ask for your brand .Females house wives , 30 plus, metros , house hold income more then 2000 dollars a month , Well its the best SEC , every one is crazy to communicate with them to make their skins glow , to make it pimples free , selling them a refrigerator in winters , so its a very pertinent question what do they watch .The researchers and survey companies are continuously asking the potential consumers and customers , what do they watch on tv and it goes on :)


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