Animation as profession for females

The professions of new centuries are giving equal opportunities to both genders and the contribution of both genders is inevitable in most of the professions, those have been added to the stream of human occupation in last few decades. The professional education which was confined to medicine, engineering and business administration has now been revolutionized with the addition of new studies both in arts and sciences faculties, thanks to public and private sector and new technologies popping up on the industrial grounds.
The demand creates supply and what we do makes us what we are. The technological oriented fields have made all of us know or at least too many that what we are and what we like to do and what we could at, which apparently is the most difficult decision for the youngsters to make during their high schools.
The machines are no heavier for any gender to operate, its rather getting sleek rather getting delicate and fragile, especially in the field of animation and makes more symmetry and harmony with conventional artistic sense of females. The word animation or animate is derived from a Latin word   “animātus”
Which means filled with breath or air, quickened, animated. It was initially used for cartoons as in 2D animation and with the passing decades are you see any broadcasting message either commercial or entertainment without a flair of animation in it either of a product or of back grounds and even of buildings and architect , you name it and animators can make it.
For females just like in information technology the career in the field of animation is brighter and more opportunities are coming up with the growth of media industry and enhanced spree of entertainment which is now becoming the need of even a five years old kid.
The aesthetics and the creativity required to make a good animation makes it more appropriate profession for females, the animation requirement in booming digital media is creating more openings and welcoming the woman the join this field :)

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