Where the ideas come from ….

Every idea is not unique, every thought is not new, every concept is not virgin, and how to make sure that an idea is made without inspiration. Since we can live in the world without exposure and every single exposure trigger a mind with some idea .sometimes the people who are in the business of making and selling ideas may ignore the idea because of the hurdles in execution but the mind cannot avoid the impression it receives from the outside world. So may we say that inspiration is inevitable? Do we have the option of finding a place where there is no external exposure on the mind while we are in the thought process of creating a new idea? the exposure of a person or a mind in the process of thinking is much more higher then the exposure for people in previous centuries , the flood of information coming in from every side every hour , while you are waiting at the airport lounge you cannot avoid looking at your smart phone whatever it is bringing for you , the communication is may at its peak , the marketing is driving the minds and the bodies and even the souls , it may pollute the mind or may create a fog around the horizons of mind unless you get a natural clarity around you a conspicuous environment for the mind to think , like a clear sky after the rainfall.

Ideas are abundant and off course billions of human minds keep on delivering the ideas every day in different forms and many are created without inspiration and are truly new , the innovative ideas i would say comes from no where and we all know where is “no where “.

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