Change your habits , if needed

It is  apparently very hard to change habits and change routine accordingly , what we most needed for that in general and what is recommended most is the , will power. Like if its hard for you to wake up early in the morning ,because of some odd routine and habit , it actually is not
the matter of your psycho therapy but your own understanding of the self. Besides , the availability of information all around the internet about the well being of an individual and bout the healthy habits and routine , it is still very tough to find most disciplined people around us .Even if we find such people ,they are being considered as nerd or even psycho , as they care too much about their health.  The general perception about well being of an individual is gauged through her happiness and level of productivity as an individual and his contribution to the society . If waking up ,early and sleeping early helps you to become more productive to yourself and for society , then it would be more of self actualization, rather then a compulsion .So , if needed and if required and if someone feels , that a little change in her/his habits would bring a betterment in life , then why not change the habits from today .

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